City of Odyssey

GM Adventure Log

Active Quests:

Hakkma's Slum Job/Jaganth Family:

-Get to slums, collect information on and deal with the three most prominent gangs there.


-Get info on The Mauls (Complete)

-Talk to Mauls leader (Complete.)


-Make an example of the Four-Nations by beating down or killing at least four of their men.


-Get Info on where they stand with Jaganth Family.

-Speak to Blue. 

-Bonus: Help Tracers protect part of their turf from encroaching Four-Nations.


-Kill Vharkus, an officer of the Four-Nations.



Don’t forget we’ve already made 2 of the 4 beat down /killings of 4 nations folks. We did that right?

GM Adventure Log
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